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Title: Sleeping Light
Description: Full-length CD
Released 2016

All music written by The Clutter - Rick DeSutter, Matt Nelson, Jaron Walsh, Jake Johnson, Nathan Gouty. Copyright 2016. All lyrics by Rick DeSutter. Rick DeSutter on vocals, guitar, keys, percussion, sound fx. Matt Nelson on keys. Jaron Walsh on bass. Jake Johnson on guitar. Nathan Gouty on drums. Produced by Rick DeSutter and Dallas Johnson. Engineered and Mastered by Dallas Johnson. Mixed by Steffen Yazvac. Album cover artwork by Mike DeSutter (@royalscourge).

Track Listing:
1. Tumbling Down
2. This is What I Get
3. Anesthetic
4. The Club
5. Sleeping Light
6. Dream Again
7. Mad Dog

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Title: Broken Sons (EP)
Released 2013

All music written by Rick DeSutter - Copyright 2013. In collaboration with Tom Lagaveen, Caleb Osborne and Phillip Morgan. Rick DeSutter on vocals, guitar, bass, extras. Tom Lagaveen on drums / Caleb Osborne featured on guitar. Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Wes DeBoy. Produced by Wes DeBoy and Rick DeSutter. Album cover design by Caleb Johnston and Rick DeSutter.

Track Listing:
1. Blunderbuss
2. Broken Sons
3. The Rat Speaketh

Price: $5

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Title: Walk Slowly, Speak Softly (EP)
Released February 22, 2011
All music written by Rick DeSutter - Copyright 2011.
In collaboration with Brad Kerns, Bobby Giles, Ethan Allen, Craig Meinhart, Phillip Morgan, and Leonard Koyiet. Brad Kerns on drums / Bobby Giles featured on guitar. Music recorded and produced by Rick DeSutter. Drums recorded by Jordan Banks. Mixing by Dallas Johnson. Mastering by Jason Martin. Album cover design by Mike DeSutter.               
Track Listing:
1. Words of Affirmation 5:23
2. Creatures 3:59
3. Walk Slowly, Speak Softly 5:59
4. Sailor Beware 3:52
5. Time Is Slowly Speeding Up 5:25

Album Runtime: 24:40

Price: $5

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